Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child too young for classes?
We have children from as young as a few days old coming to sessions. Even from a very early age, babies can enjoy so much of what we offer. From the sounds, colours and sensory elements to bubbles and interaction with other children and babies, they take it all in even when dozing. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for new parents to meet up and connect.
Is my child too old for classes?

We have children who have been coming to classes from birth up to when they start school. We also welcome Year R aged, home schooled children who are looking for fun, educational sessions that align with their learning.

Can I bring multiple children?
Yes, we offer fantastic discounts for multiples. Choose the most suitable class based on their ages: Baby Bugs (if aged 0-18 months) or Boogie Bugs (if mixed ages 0-5 years). First child is full price, second child is FREE,  then third (additional) child is half price.
What do you do in classes?
Classes incorporate music, movement, sensory and mindfulness. Each week, we explore a different theme through our unique music and popular songs, props and activities. From flying into space, diving under the sea, going on a bear hunt to learning about numbers, colours, phonics, and more!
Can I start classes mid-term?
If we have availability to accommodate you mid-term, we will! Mid-term booking will be reflected in a cost reduction when you book through our link:
Do you offer trial sessions?
Yes we do, if we have availability. Due to many of our sessions being popular, we do not always have the option to offer trial sessions in specific classes. The best way to check is to follow us on our Facebook page and look for the available spaces on our Sunday night ‘Pay as you Go’ post. Send us a message and we will do our very best to accommodate a trial session.
Are you insured?
We are fully insured and all our class leaders are DBS checked and trained to our high standards.